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Artistic Director

Dr. Lesa Terry continues to create a body of work exemplifying the interconnected nature of humanity with the vibrational effect of string instruments.  Her extensive background as a violinist, composer, and professor at Santa Monica College uniquely positions her to continue what she calls, “heart work” through the yearly presentations of Let The Strings Speak. In combining both the  improvisational / compositional nature of her music, along with the meditative/healing nature of her sister’s harp, innovative string practices expand beyond typical and directly address the needs of marginalized communities. With fiddle in hand, Dr. Terry wholeheartedly believes in the ability to create community collaboration, bridging the gaps that divide us, and utilizing our unique talents to develop strategies for negotiating differences. 

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Artistic Director

Mona Terry expresses her creative muse by composing, using the 40 strings of the harp as a catalyst for healing.  Her original songs and additional skills as a pianist, drummer and vocalist are highlighted on two self-published CD recordings, focused on the transformative nature of vibrational tone.  She remains committed to offering support for underserved communities through her ongoing efforts as an interactive harpist, private music teacher, and interdisciplinary guide.

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Project Manager

Twanda Hill is the Principal and owner of Twanda Hill & Associates, a small yet powerful company that offers event planning, graphic and web design services. Before starting her business, she worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years planning special events, supervising staff and designing graphics for a local private club. Twanda Hill & Associates specializes with small and medium sized businesses providing systems and strategies for opening, sustaining and growing their businesses. She is best known for her collaborations with others throughout the Pacific NW.  She is creative, innovative and technology savvy and can assist you from visualizing your winning winning idea to bringing it to life. She brings an obstacle slayer mentality to every project.

Dr. Maxine Mimms



Dr. Mimms is the visionary, founder and all around supreme Queen for Let the Strings Speak. She recognized the power of the string instruments for healing and assembled her dream team to bring forth her vision. Dr. Mimms is a highly respected individual and a game changer at many levels.  Born in in Newport News, Virginia, to Isabella DeBerry Buie and Benson Ebenezer Buie. Influenced by her grandparents' love for Marcus Garvey and educational lectures by Howard Thurman and other black leaders at nearby Hampton University, Mimms attended Booker T. Washington School, Virginia Union University and Union Graduate School, where she earned her  Ph.D. in educational administration. Maxine has always defied the odds from the beginning, achieving high acclaim in the educational world, including establishing formally in 1982, the Evergreen-Tacoma campus. 

A Message from Dr. Maxine Mimms

It’s hard to believe we are heading towards our 6th year of producing Let the Strings Speak.  We believe our collective duty is to dedicate ourselves to the persistent action needed to bring about positive change. Let the Strings Speak (LTSS) serves as the catalyst for this change by using arts and culture to address a community need.


Our goal through this concert presentation is to foster opportunities for greater awareness of string instruments as creative vehicles to inspire, motivate, and heal.  For the past five years we’ve combined local, national, and international artists to showcase their collective talents by presenting Black and Brown artistic expression while demonstrating through action, a powerful model for mentorship. 


Neither rain, snow, sleet or a pandemic can stop the show from moving forward.​ This will be the 2nd year that we stream online, free of charge. We rely solely on fundraising to produce the show and need sponsors, donors and advertisers like you to support us.

We serve the community and we challenge you to support this endeavor. Our Ripples in the Water Challenge is 100 donors at $100 for the month of June. I believe we can do it.


​Thank you in advance for your support!



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