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A Message from Dr. Maxine Mimms

In numerology, the number 9 is associated with spiritual growth, universal love, and compassion. It's no coiincident that spirit led us to this year's theme, Let the Strings Speak AMEN: from HYMNS to HIP-HOP, a vision brought to life nine years ago. The influence of hymns and hip hop both sprout from a root that pushed Black people to stand up, rise up and weave together the resultus of victory.

I am pleased that the planning team is back and working to produce another phenomenal performance. The Dr. Mimms presents concert will continue to use arts and culture to address a community need for cultural connectivity in a safe environment honoring a space where an intergenerational audience is welcomed and feels safe.This year's show will infuse gospel and hip hop and showcase the stories of universal love and the power of spirit. The performers will be feature a variety of string instruments, accompanied by vocals and dance. Whether it's string instruments or music from the Motherland, the vibrations generated will continue to bring about positivity.

We are excited to continue Live in the theater this year. We rely on fundraising to produce the show and need sponsors, donors and community members like you to support us. We serve the community and we challenge you to support this endeavor. The Shoulders We Stand On is a simple way to give; 100 donors at $100 every year.  I believe we can do it!

​Thank you in advance for your support!


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