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A Message from Dr. Maxine Mimms

Six years ago, I had a vision to create a community concert that utilizes the music of the strings to promote healing with an intergenerational audience. The concert name has changed but the cultural connectivity of community remains the same. It's my pleasure to introduce to your Dr. Mimms presents as the foundation for our Annual Concerts.   Whether it's string instruments or music from the Motherland, the vibrations generated will continue to bring about positivity.


The Dr. Mimms presents concert will continue to use arts and culture to address a community need. This year's team  is reflective of the evolution of this concert. My thanks to all of them for enabling my vision to continue. This concert will continue to use string instruments as creative vehicles to inspire, motivate, and heal.  Now, more than ever we need to showcase the collective talents by presenting Black and Brown artists in our community.

We are excited to return to the theater this year and we will stream the Live show online, as well. Limited ticket sales are available at varied levels using the "Pay What You Can Model". Live tickets are limited and tickets go on sale June 1st. We encourage you to secure your tickets early. We rely on fundraising to produce the show and need sponsors, donors and community members like you to support us. We serve the community and we challenge you to support this endeavor. The Shoulders We Stand On is a simple way to give; 100 donors at $100 every year.  I believe we can do it!

​Thank you in advance for your support!


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